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10 expert tips for returning to the workplace

18th August 2021

Offices of the ‘near future’ will take on different configurations and design. The one constant, however, will be the need to factor in social distancing.


As a return to the workplace is now looking more realistic, we would like to remind you of how we can support the transition out of lockdown.

An increase in the use of agile working, additional partitioning and nightly cleans are measures being discussed when contemplating a full return to the offices as the lockdown eases.

Whatever the extent of the measures required, an ‘off the shelf’ solution is unlikely to have the right tools included to get a refurbishment project completed without significant issues such as overruns, delays, increased costs and business interruption.

As independent project managers, Rapport Solutions support and deliver office fit-out projects.

Our management service, from preparing concept designs and layouts to selecting suitable contractors through an open book tender process, ensures that all project costs are controlled and programme time frames are achieved.

Here are our  top tips to ensure your team’s transition back into the office is a smooth one.

Connecting with your team

The pandemic has affected us all in different ways, and it is only normal for staff to feel uncertain about what their future holds.

Stay in touch regularly with your team; a quick check-in will help team members feel connected and valued, especially after a long period of remote working.

Plan and prepare

Inform your team of the provisions that have been made to create a safe work environment moving forward.

To ensure the transition back into the office is smooth and that all staff can carry out their duties comfortably and safely, ask the following.

  • How will they get to work?
  • Do they require additional support?
  • Are they comfortable with the safety measures in place? If not, what would make them feel more at ease?

Set realistic expectations

How we all work is likely to keep changing in the coming weeks, so you will need to prepare staff to adapt quickly moving forward. Make sure you are honest and transparent with your team, although there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we still have the journey ahead to make together.

Deal with demotivation

  • While many people can’t wait to get back into the office, others will have found they prefer working from home.
  • If you can, try and be flexible with working hours for the first week or two or longer term so that staff can get used to getting back into a routine.
  • Encourage them to schedule their week and sketch out important to-dos that will help provide structure and make them feel like they have achieved something.
  • Remind them to keep their expectations realistic, or they may end up putting too much pressure on themselves.

In a period of change, it’s important to reassure employees that although the typical workplace as we know it may be different, this provides us all with an opportunity to analyse how we do things, and in turn, do them better.

We have delivered to a wide range of clients across London and the Home Counties including:

Ancestry UK, Mast-Jägermeister, UK Broadband, Octo Telematics, nDreams, Fish Financial and several Housing Associations.

We work with you to create innovative environments that enable inspiring and collaborative workspace.

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