A healthier buildings initiative has just launched in the UK

10th April 2017

The Fitwel Certification System, initially piloted in the USA by the USA’s General Services Administration (GSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just launched its healthier buildings initiative into the UK.

Joanna Frank, Executive Director of the New York-based Center for Active Design, explains:

“Fitwel provides 63 cost-effective design and operational strategies for enhancing building environments to improve occupant health and productivity.”

Scientifically based, each strategy links to one of the seven health impact categories including well-being, what reduces morbidity and absenteeism and what promotes occupant safety, helping organisations understand what benefits they can incorporate that improve their employees’ workplace experience and the workplace environment.

The certification tool contains 3,000 footnoted ‘peer-reviewed’ studies backing up what it recommends and is a considerable addition to the Time and Workspace Analysis we carry out for businesses when they are considering a relocation or the re-fit of a workspace.

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