Generation Z

Generation Z, Y, X: 6 ways to cater for all generations in the workspace

2nd October 2017

Is your business ready for generation Z? What about your millennial employee needs? Have you considered the needs of those employees who fall into Gen X and Xennials categories? Smart businesses are gearing up to cater for a wide-range of age groups as the retirement age continues to rise and the practicalities of having to, or wanting to work past the retirement age become a reality. In fact, the Office for National Statistics has already revealed that the number of women working past the age of 70 has doubled in the past four years. Whereas, one in seven men continue… (more)

Pexip office fit-out

Rapport’ complete office fit-out works for Pexip UK

25th September 2017

Rapport’ have completed office fit-out works for Pexip UK at Ruscombe Business Park in Twyford, Berkshire. Working with a blank canvas, our design team worked closely with Pexip and their selected main contractor to create an office environment that would support their business in a number of key areas, including motivation, improving the communication of knowledge across the teams and supporting their wellbeing. Throughout the design journey both our creative and technical teams, refined and develop working drawings to ensure the a seamless alignment of the project elements to deliver outstanding results and form part of another step forward in the… (more)

Office chair

Why office chairs are crucial to staff productivity

7th August 2017

Were you aware the majority of office based staff spend almost 1,900 hours sitting in a desk chair over the course of a year? It’s easy to see how a large portion of our lives can be spent in the office with very minimal activity. Staying active in the office is important for staff wellbeing. However, in spite of the risks caused by sitting all day, and when you consider we spend almost as much time sitting at a desk as we do sleeping, many organisations fail to supply chairs that are fully agile, encouraging natural movement. What factors are important… (more)

Savills predicts uptake in office space in London’s outer boroughs

20th April 2017

A new report by Savills suggests London’s outer boroughs could provide greater flexible office space in the future. The London Mixed Use Development Spotlight report suggests London workers are looking for shorter commutes, more flexible working, access to green space and a work life balance that caters to their overall wellness. With a strain on the current transport system, and businesses being priced out of the capital, the shift presents a huge opportunity to the less congested outer borough London areas. However, the Savills report points to a problem in this prediction. Piers Nickalls, director in the business space team… (more)

A healthier buildings initiative has just launched in the UK

10th April 2017

The Fitwel Certification System, initially piloted in the USA by the USA’s General Services Administration (GSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just launched its healthier buildings initiative into the UK. Joanna Frank, Executive Director of the New York-based Center for Active Design, explains: “Fitwel provides 63 cost-effective design and operational strategies for enhancing building environments to improve occupant health and productivity.” Scientifically based, each strategy links to one of the seven health impact categories including well-being, what reduces morbidity and absenteeism and what promotes occupant safety, helping organisations understand what benefits they can incorporate that improve… (more)