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10 expert tips for returning to the workplace

18th August 2021

Offices of the ‘near future’ will take on different configurations and design. The one constant, however, will be the need to factor in social distancing. Design As a return to the workplace is now looking more realistic, we would like to remind you of how we can support the transition out of lockdown. An increase in the use of agile working, additional partitioning and nightly cleans are measures being discussed when contemplating a full return to the offices as the lockdown eases. Whatever the extent of the measures required, an ‘off the shelf’ solution is unlikely to have the right… (more)

Employee wellbeing during your office relocation

24th February 2020

According to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)’s report, despite increased business awareness of the importance of actively supporting health and wellbeing in the workplace, there still appears to be a stagnant implementation of any productive work wellbeing infrastructure in the UK working culture. With an average cost of absence now at £554 per employee per year, and with fewer than one in 10 (8%) UK organisations having adopted a wellbeing strategy, many organisations’ internal efforts have consisted of one-off initiatives that often fail to have a long-term impact in the workplace. To address this, the CIPD recommends that a proactive… (more)

Technology vs. employees in the future workplace

10th February 2020

According to Rapport and Workspace Analyst Lily Bernheimer, how organisations adapt to a new generation of workers, and how you can utilise these insights to future-proof your office workspace and design will be crucial in 2020. What impact will technology and cloud-based services have on the future office? Technological innovation is transforming our working spaces, hours, and practices at an unprecedented rate of change. As the technology for communication, collaboration, and organisation improve, flexible and distributed working will continue to grow. But these trends are countered by the need to have high-quality spaces for face-to-face interaction when workers do come together.… (more)

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What is a Workspace Analysis?

13th January 2020

The Design and Workspace Analysis offers businesses the opportunity to assess how their workspace is used. Quantitative methods such as behaviour mapping and decibel measurement are combined with qualitative data to present a picture of how fully space is being utilised. And how it is meeting individual and teams working needs. The utilisation study reveals how well a workspace is performing and identifies areas that can be improved upon, such as: *How many hours a week are workers in the office? *How much space is needed for different functions and teams? *How will the future needs of the business affect… (more)

The Future Office

6th January 2020

Remote working and smarter technology According to Samsung, the office of 2030 will look very different from today’s workspace. Offices will become more flexible places to work. A sign that remote working will continue to develop. Technology – unsurprisingly – will get smarter, with more interactive surfaces, allowing workers to work using touch screens and voice control. Computer screens will still be a fixture in the office but projected or enhanced through walls and windows without the need for standalone PC’s or laptops.   (more…) (more)