The Future Office

6th January 2020

Remote working and smarter technology According to Samsung, the office of 2030 will look very different from today’s workspace. Offices will become more flexible places to work. A sign that remote working will continue to develop. Technology – unsurprisingly – will get smarter, with more interactive surfaces, allowing workers to work using touch screens and voice control. Computer screens will still be a fixture in the office, but more invisible screens making use of walls and windows that can be turned into a screen without the need for standalone PC’s or laptops.   (more…) (more)

Effective office design from the experts

22nd November 2019

For years we have secretly envied the offices of organisations like Google, whose work hard/play hard ethos make us dream beyond the tired coffee machine and worn-out brown office décor. And while the creative, colourful office designs and office fit-outs are not a reality for all businesses, an inspiring environment that brings out the best in its staff is not out of reach. As independent project managers and designers, what defines our position in the market is how we collaborate with our clients brief and budget. We do this by using experience and imagination to develop a practical and inspirational space… (more)

Hybrid offices for flexible working

6th November 2019

The number of employees demanding flexible working continues to rise. And with over 39.3 million adults have access to the internet every day, making it even more straightforward to work remotely. So how can businesses adapt? Paul Statham, founder and CEO of Condeco, said: “UK households now enjoy almost universal access to the internet, which has grown exponentially from 2006 when only 57% of homes were connected. “The impact on our personal lives is obvious, but it has also transformed the way we work. Thanks to cloud-based collaboration and services such as email and video conferencing, a laptop and internet connection… (more)

5 Ways To Stay Active In The Office

29th October 2019

Sitting all day can lead to a whole host of health issues. These include backache, sore shoulders, neck strain and even heart diseases. It’s no secret that a mostly sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and a shortened life span. So, in the office design and fit-out process, we work closely with HR and Facilities teams to help identify the utilisation and activity of workspaces. We help to rethink existing spaces at the early stages of the office design to produce a workplace that takes into account the work-style needs of teams and individuals. The result? A flexible, healthier and… (more)

Fish Financial Kitchen Breakout

Rapport complete Fish Financial Workspace Project

28th October 2019

We are delighted to showcase our recent project for Fish Financials. Working closely with our clients’ management team, we developed design material, detailed works specifications, and cost options.  Key elements of the design reflect Fish Financial professional status. (more…) (more)