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Workspace Design

We combine your ideas with our expertise to design attractive and functional workspaces that promote your business’ culture, values and brand.

By engaging you and your team throughout, we bridge the gap between research and practice to develop creative design solutions that suit your team as well as your business.

Whether working with your selected design and build team or using our independent Design Consultants, all design packages are developed in consultation with your key stakeholders. Our Design Consultants are highly regarded and experienced in commercial office design.

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Why is workspace design so important?

office partitionsExciting possibilities

Designing a new office workspace is a great opportunity to provide the optimum business environment to achieve peak performance and improve profitability.

We understand that relocating is not just about fitting everyone in; it’s about making your new office reflect your brand and fit your current and future business needs, within your budget and schedule.

Furniture matters

Workspace furniture has become integral to the success and function of any workspace project. It can encourage collaboration and increase usable space through new ways of communicating and working.

Within our design role, we advise on the best and most appropriate solutions for our clients’ environment and business culture.

Work has changed

Despite technology shifting how we work – from home working to hot-desking (and the demise of the filing cabinet) – most offices are the same as they’ve ever been. Being smart at the front end of the project ensures you save money now, and in the future.

We look at the bigger picture, to ensure the end user is part of the process, and that your new office is a financial investment in your future success. Creating a high-performing workplace that provides a better working experience for people will help organisations achieve their strategic goals.


The workspace design process

Office meeting1. Workspace audit

The Rapport workspace audit is based on evidence from the fields of environmental psychology, wellbeing and behaviour change.

The process of designing workspace typically involves some element of behaviour change, whether it is drawing people into engaging with each other, encouraging them to recycle or get moving, or transitioning from a traditional office layout to hot-desking.

By studying your current workspace, using behaviour mapping and quantitative surveys and anticipating future growth or consolidation needs, we identify opportunities with our designers to promote:

  1. productivity,
  2. inclusivity,
  3. communications,
  4. physical health, comfort and wellbeing.


2. Understanding your business needs

From the very beginning, we work with you to understand your business and your key drivers, limitations and aspirations. Once these aspects have been discussed and addressed, a clear process can be put in place to formulate an effective programme of works.

This is an unpredictable time for businesses; factors such as the economy, the rise of remote working, fast-moving technology and high rental costs are all having an impact on how we work, and the workspaces businesses require now and in the future. Our design and management process ensures the lifetime of your space is agile enough to take your business into the future and giving your workspace longevity.


staff3. Team workshops

People are the most critical asset to every organisation. We engage at each level within your business to create offices designed to support the needs and activities of your staff and clients.

Our workshops, held at the early stages of your project planning, provide answers to your key questions and ensure that your workplace mirrors your business’s strategy and meet the requirements of your main asset – your staff.

‘Our office move was a huge change and challenge for our business! Jeanette’s expertise and knowledge of the industry has been extensive. It was important for us to have a Project Manager who could work alongside our internal team, understood organisational change and communicated well on several levels. The tender process, selection of contractors and specialists proved invaluable and ensured us cost control through the programme. Rapport Solutions provided exceptional support and service which we would highly recommend to any company moving their business. We are all absolutely delighted with our new office environment.’

Deborah Burns, Maritz Research Ltd

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