standing desks Sitting all day can lead to a whole host of health issues. These include backache, sore shoulders, neck strain and even heart diseases.

It’s no secret that a mostly sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and a shortened life span. So, in the office design and fit-out process, we work closely with HR and Facilities teams to help identify the utilisation and activity of workspaces. We help to rethink existing spaces at the early stages of the office design to produce a workplace that takes into account the work-style needs of teams and individuals. The result? A flexible, healthier and a more modern way of working.

Standing desks are the most obvious way to break out of your normal seated position. However, research has shown that standing all day isn’t much better than sitting all day. Based on the work we’ve carried out, we suggest alternating between a seated and standing position. We also recommend the following ways to stay active in the office below: