Our recent appointment to redesign Fish Financial’s offices in Farnham, Surrey is now well underway. Our brief is to increase staff engagement and revitalise the workforce with an office that reflected our clients’ focus to modernise the workplace, implement activity-based working and improve presentation facilities.

Following a detailed design process, our selected contractors are on-site with phase one almost complete.  The design includes a stunning new reception area, board room and flexible presentation facilities.

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Rapport Workspace Analysis

The redesign of a workspace typically involves some element of behaviour change, whether it is drawing people into engaging within an urban space, encouraging them to recycle, or transitioning from a traditional office layout to hot-desking.

At Rapport’ we leverage psychological evidence to help you plan for successful behaviour change, and make the process run smoothly by facilitating user engagement and feedback.

Typically this involves collaborating with our designers; to encourage desired behaviours through messaging, visual cues, and layout design. By adopting a community-based social marketing approach to behaviour change, grounded in identifying barriers and motivators for change we can identify the needs of the business not only now, but for the future.

Our signature process, the BALANCED Space Audit – in collaboration – with our Workspace Analyst Lily Bernheimer, is used to assess and improve space and organisational performance as well as employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

Balanced Space Audit

The components of A Balanced Space Audit are based on a wide canon of academic evidence from the fields of environmental psychology, well-being, and behaviour change we look at the following.

B     BIOPHILIA: Through use of natural elements, materials, views, & patterns

A     ATMOSPHERE: Light quality, air quality, temperature, & smell

L     LAYOUT: Space utilisation & allocation, wayfinding, & circulation

A    AMENITIES: Supporting good nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, & rest

N    NOISE: Identifying disturbing noise levels, friction points, & design flaws

C    COHESION: Overall space management, communication, & control factors

E    ENERGY: Integration of strategies to reduce use of energy, resources, & waste

D    DESIGN: Colour, shape, proportions, style, & feel


The system utilises the latest research and standards established by groups such as the WELL Building Institute, Living Building Challenge, Office of National Statistics, Feeling Good Foundation, and UK Green Building Council.

A BALANCED Audit should be conducted, ideally, at the ‘pre-occupancy evaluation’ stage:  This process can also be used to assess and improve space performance as a post-occupancy evaluation, or at design strategy and design review stages.


What Is Included?

  • We undertake a utilisation study covering occupancy and utilisation of workspaces including desks, common areas, and meeting rooms
  • We produce usage and space data charts and analysis
  • We evaluate existing recreational spaces provided for all employees and advise
  • We administer an electronic confidential employee satisfaction survey
  • One to one interviews with department/team leaders
  • We facilitate an agreed number of workshops


The space audit employs a combination of the following assessment measures suited to the design stage and project scale:

  • Employee satisfaction and working habits survey
  • Space and time utilisation assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews



  • We produce a workplace strategy brief for review by the business, identifying common themes, key drivers and success factors.
  • We produce a final report incorporating:
    • A summary of findings
    • Strategic space planning recommendations, taking account of work-style needs, and indicating how workspaces can be zoned and utilised more efficiently


If you are interested in beginning a Time and Space Analysis with Rapport’ you can contact us on – 01252 712590 or email us at; info@rapport-solutions.org.uk

To view our portfolio of work click here.

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