The number of employees demanding flexible working continues to rise. And with over 39.3 million adults have access to the internet every day, making it even more straightforward to work remotely. So how can businesses adapt?

Paul Statham, founder and CEO of Condeco, said: “UK households now enjoy almost universal access to the internet, which has grown exponentially from 2006 when only 57% of homes were connected.

Office chairs “The impact on our personal lives is obvious, but it has also transformed the way we work. Thanks to cloud-based collaboration and services such as email and video conferencing, a laptop and internet connection is all that most people need to perform their job. Ninety-six per cent of UK knowledge workers that have been given a chance to work from home has taken up the opportunity, and 94% would work from home twice a week if they could.”

Work wellbeing also comes into play as we move away from the traditional offices and become more fluid and flexible in our working approach. 

Space planning and a design and workspace analysis identify the need for space in transformational businesses. It is an area our project managers work hard to analyse during space planning sessions with HR and Facilities teams. By engaging teams throughout, we bridge the gap between research and practice to develop creative design solutions that suit your team as well as your business.

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