What does your desk say about you?

Are you messy? Obsessively tidy? Do you customise your office space?

They often say “A tidy desk, a tidy mind,” but is the working environment and design aspect of your office environment positively encouraging a workable desk policy?


Design and Workspace Analysis

At Rapport, we work closely with Lily Bernheimer, our Workspace Analyst, alongside our clients to monitor their current workspace using behaviour mapping methodologies and quantitive surveys. These methods help to identify opportunities to promote productivity, inclusivity, physical health and well-being, while anticipating future growth or consolidation needs.

The process of redesigning a space typically involves some element of behaviour change, whether it is drawing people into engaging within the urban space, encouraging them to recycle, or transitioning from a traditional office layout to hot-desking.

We leverage psychological evidence to help you plan for successful behaviour change, and make the process run smoothly by facilitating user engagement and feedback.

By collaborating with our designers to encourage desired behaviours through messaging, visual cues, and layout design, we adopt a community-based social marketing approach to behaviour change.


To read Lily’s full analysis on ‘What your desk says about you,’ head on over to the articles commissioned by Headspace in the Evening Standard and The Telegraph.


About Lily: As an environmental psychologist, consultant and researcher Lily Bernheimer has been working in human-centred design since 2007.

Her specialisms include behaviour change, agile workspaces and qualitative research.


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