The Future Office

6th January 2020

Remote working and smarter technology

According to Samsung, the office of 2030 will look very different from today’s workspace.

Offices will become more flexible places to work. A sign that remote working will continue to develop.

Technology – unsurprisingly – will get smarter, with more interactive surfaces, allowing workers to work using touch screens and voice control.

Computer screens will still be a fixture in the office, but more invisible screens making use of walls and windows that can be turned into a screen without the need for standalone PC’s or laptops.


Data for building successful teams

Employees and bosses will also work better together, by harnessing data that matches teams on their skills set to maximise productivity.

President of Samsung UK & Ireland Andy Griffiths says “This Samsung Smarter Futures report provides clear scenarios whereby smart technology in the future will improve daily working lives. It shows exciting possibilities for how technology can maximise creativity, productivity and staff happiness.”

Rapport looks ahead.

Flexible, future-proof workspaces and design will shape your work environment and has a significant effect on your workforces mentality.

There is no right or wrong way to go about this since every company is going to have a different culture. Therefore, it is important to include opportunities to “get away” from the traditional work environment and create space that works for different user groups. Simple remedies use colour and texture to influence the environment, the more extreme have reduced desk use with open plan meeting and workspace solutions. The design should involve the user groups, taking account of age, gender, job function and location.

Rapport design consultants work closely with clients in the early stages to establish and create an environment that motivates, engages and supports both technology and productivity in the office space. Our workshops provide staff with the opportunity to understand change and engage with the project.

Jeanette Grover the Director of Rapport says “The future office is about humans working within a technological environment that continually evolves. We need to create workspaces that enhance the user experience, improves interaction, accessibility and function.  Our designs deliver an exceptional workspace that supports success.”

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