What’s The Cost Of An Office Relocation Project?

21st September 2015

When a commercial business is considering an office move there are various practicalities to consider that will keep control of your design and fit-out costs while maintaining quality throughout.

We recently looked at the most important considerations in an office relocation, design and fit-out project that you can read in more depth here.

So, What’s the cost of an office relocation project?

Office design and fit-out projects are dependent on quality of finishes and the density of your design in terms of an open plan space versus an enclosed cellular plan environment.

Typically costs for fit-out in and around London are:

  • Medium specification: £45.00 sq ft
  • Medium to High specification: £75.00 sq ft
  • Executive level specification: £100.00 sq ft plus

What influences the cost of a fit-out?

The cost of your fit-out will be influenced by the following key factors:

  • Programmed time required to design and construct the fit-out
  • Number of enclosed offices as opposed to open plan workstation-style environments
  • Mechanical & Electrical requirements
  • Data and communications upgrade or re-use of existing equipment
  • Logistics within the proposed building – access to floors re contractor deliveries / works etc
  • Specialist needs over and above typical corporate environments such as labs, test rooms, training and conference rooms
  • Furniture selection, manufacturer and supplier if new furniture required
  • Programme – fast track due to time constraints (avoid this by planning early)
  • Decision makers within your organisation – have the right expertise on your side managing the project from an early stage.

As independent lead consultants Rapport undertake day to day duties under fixed fee contracts including:

  • Project Execution Plan
  • Managing briefings and scope definition process
  • Appointment of design consultants
  • Preparing Employers requirements and tender documentation.
  • Implementing change controls
  • Financial Accounting

How can Rapport help me in the process?

As lead consultants we advise in the selection of design consultants for your project requirements, we prepare tender documentation and select contractors and suppliers appropriate to your project requirements.

How will Rapport save me money?

Rapport work on fixed rates for Design & Management.  We set and agree the overhead and profit margin with contractors at the front end of the tender process.  We value engineer and monitor the building contract throughout the agreed programme to ensure any variations during the programme are priced at the same cost level.

You can speak with Rapport on; 01252 712590 or email us for advice on your office move, office design or fit-out at; info@rapport-solutions.org.uk

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