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Rapport Launches Design & Workspace Analysis Service

21st December 2015

Rapport Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of a unique offering within the design and fit-out industry.

The Design and Workspace Analysis and Time & Space Utilization study service lead by Lily Bernheimer will combine the expertise of Rapport and Space Works Consulting, offering businesses the opportunity to assess how their workspace is used.

Quantitative methods such as behaviour mapping and decibel measurement are combined with qualitative data to present a picture of how fully space is being utilised, and how it is meeting individual and team working needs.

The utilisation study reveals how well a workspace is performing and identifies areas that can be improved upon, such as:

*How many hours a week are workers in the office?

*How much space is needed for different functions and teams?

*How will the future needs of the business affect the space we need?

The crucial insights transform an office move or fit-out into a valuable opportunity to make the workspace truly support organisational performance and employee wellbeing.

Lily Bernheimer, Founding Director of Space Works; Rapport associate, and environmental psychologist

Lily Said: This is a pivotal time as we see a shift in lifestyle advancements in social trends that will affect the future workspace* and as such we are delighted to be working with Rapport on this unique collaboration.

Businesses need to utilise the space they have and account for any long term changes to their business model that could affect the need for future space, especially before making any long terms commitments to leases or relocation.

We aim to work closely with a range of businesses to identify their needs based on the businesses direction and advice best practices based on the analysis.

Working closely with Rapport’s services in this way can not only help promote workplace wellbeing but can help make long-term financial savings to ensure the longevity of a design or relocation of a business.

Jeanette Grover, Founder and Project Director of Rapport

Jeanette said: Over the last 25 years, open plan office space has become the norm and is still very present today.  However, open-plan workspace does not address people working in ways that require different spaces for different tasks.

A change in workplace design is beginning to emerge;

Relaxed open spaces similar to airline business lounges provide space for interactive group work, and collaborative workspace complete with interactive walls offer the opportunity for brainstorming and open discussion.

Enclosed, quiet space for heads-down work or important meetings, requiring a distraction-free environment are also addressed with this type of analysis.

With a larger work population working today between the office and home, space in the office is a shared commodity.  Workspaces must shift to support this trend, with raw human imagination at the core of its design.

Companies are beginning to understand that to attract and retain the highest quality talent; they must invest in company culture and employee engagement.

Wellness within the office is essential to ensure workers remain engaged, happy and creative. On average happiness makes employees 12% more productive.

Workspace creativity will increase employee engagement and productivity, and the future office will split into a variety of different optimised spaces supporting advancement in technology.

The office of the future – will be the most productive office of all time.

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